Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dia idir sinn agus Jar Jar Binks

Slugger O'Toole ag faire na léirmheasanna ar Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

Bhíos ar bís ag feitheamh ar Mhír I nuair a tháinig sé amach. Mheasas go raibh seans ann chun iontas na h-óige a bhrath ath-uair. Ní fhaighim an deis go minic dul go dtí an phictiúrlann, ach bhíos meáite ar an scannán san a fheiscint. Nuair a thugas bean an tí seo go dtí Star Trek Generations, thit sí dá codladh agus an Enterprise ag titim go talamh. Mar sin, bhí a fhios agam go mbeinn i m'aonar! Sa deireadh, d'éirigh liom cúpla uair a chloig a fháil saor, iarnóin Shathairn, chun matinée a fheiscint.

Ní raibh ach beirt eile sa phictiúrlann an lá san, agus ba mhilltineach an cur amú ama é don triúir againn! Ar éigin a d'éirigh liom é a fhulaingt go deireadh, agus níor bhacas le Attack of the Clones in aon chor.

N'fheadar an ag dul in aois atáim?

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Arsa Anonymous Anonymous ...

Here's a copy of an e-mail I sent to the 'Freedom Institute' in case you don't see it over there.

Meitheamh 24ú, 2005

Risteard (Richard) Wagthorne, a chara,

(Dáire Murphy, Dáire Ó Mac Murchaidh, and Peadar Ó Nualláin (Peter Nolan) might like this, too.)

Well, you like to blog.

You call yourself a Freedom Institute and spew your nonsense on the Net. Setting aside all the labels of political parties, the only freedom you are promoting is the freedom to speak English, as that is what you truly represent. That’s a one candidate election you are promoting which is no freedom at all. You have spoken English so long that you and your ancestors, who, if they really had any Irish blood, abandoned our language at the point of the English sword, advocate your conqueror’s language, the better to hide your own shame and laziness in not learning the true native language of Érin.

If you are in Ireland, what are you doing in Ireland, because you certainly don't respect our authentic history and culture, and are doing a terrible disservice to your hosting country by continuing your rants against Irish Gaelic recognition. (And Peter, I have visited and like Dún Laoghaire, but I want Gaelic there as well.) Richard, your interpretation of the EU’s acceptance of Gaeilge is narrow-minded and fascistic, very Germanic in tone. What is the origin of Wagthorne, (‘thorne’) likely anglo-saxon (note the lower-case letters) I repeat, what are you doing in Ireland ? Why don't you return to Scandinavia where your ancestors came from? If you have some Irish blood in you, it has been overridden by your Germanic desire for monotonous robotic linguistic and economic supremacy. English being listed as one of the Germanic group of languages, you belong in a German language country, like the U.S. of A. where you can force your monolingualism and culture of extreme capitalist Nature-Rape on the world. Identify your roots and understand why you speak the way you do. I am Celtic, which includes Érin, Alba (Scotland), Cymu (Wales), Breizh (Brittany), and what the English now call England, which was a Germanic invention of the 8th century A.D. after an anglo-saxon invasion from Germany in 450 A.D. Previous to that, the region now called ‘England’, and, in fact, Pretanii (Britain) was all Celtic. Irish and Britannic (Brythonic) culture is thousands of years old. Éire can claim 2600 years of unbroken monarchy and highly evolved pre-Christian spirituality. Ériú’s language is an extension of continental Celtic culture which is about 5000 years old, the roots running even further back into antiquity in the Caucasus. Before Rome came to brutalize the continental Celts, Celtogalatica, as it was known by Celts, spread from Ireland to what is now Turkey. What right do you have to deny the existence and linguistic validity of all these people? You, and those who deny and denigrate other’s linguistic rights, their right to freedom of speech in the language of their choice, are linguistic bigots, let’s be honest. You hate diversity and respect for others, especially the small, weak or unusable. Only numerously spoken languages get your support. Pretty safe. That doesn’t take much courage. The long linguistic injustices done to the Irish language and people in the past by England from 1172 to 1921, along with the Scandinavian Vikings, (20,000 of whom were finally defeated by Brian Ború in 1014 A.D. at the Battle of Cluain Tarbh, breaking the back of Viking power throughout Europe), merit a correct response; that is, continuing and increased legislative and cultural unity against the invader. You are a modern invader and don’t even know it, a despoiler of other’s cultures, and your own, if you are of Irish origin. Pathetically, it is jealousy which animates such narrowmindedness. The admired invading German ‘culture’ is well known to have very thin roots compared to the Celtic contribution of imagination, art, music, archaeological artifacts, governmental models, and fighting ability. Refer me to the websites displaying ancient Germanic contributions to humanity. I do not see any. That is why Germany had a Hitler, to disguise their lack of pride in their past. Tolkien, the Oxford professor of Old Saxon, sensing this lack of Germanic history, had to invent a mythology drawn largely from Celtic sources with some Norse elements thrown in. He lived near Cymru (Wales), saw trains with long Cymraeg (Welsh) names written on them, and became very impressed by the Celtic world. Why aren’t you? Start educating yourself about where you are instead of spouting the superficial comments flattering to the anglo-U.S. model. The English language is a mongrel, a hodge-podge of words stolen from other cultures. The English language is really Old French and Latin to about 60%. The English are territorial and linguistic thieves/pirates and never give fair recognition to others for their linguistic legacy. So, check the language you’re writing in before forcing it on others. If English had been the only technological language, the Russians and French would never have been able to send rockets into space, but they have, and many of the great minds who went on to produce nuclear and space technology were Europeans. I’m sure you’ll find it sad to hear there is not going to be one universal social or business language headquartered in New York.

Lacking historical understanding, you skim the recent surface with your narrow-minded twenty-year deep opinions. Gaeilge was removed by force at a time when the terrible atrocities could not be recorded on tape, (An Ghórta Mór, the Penal Laws. . .) over an 800 year period, and thus, to find even a minimum of justice, these respects must be restored, by force, especially legislative and governmental/sovereign force. A modernized Irish should be made the working language of Ireland starting with the Gaeltacht and spreading out over the whole island, just as French has successfully been made the working language of Quebec, Canada. Only when people are rewarded economically for using their language will that language survive. Greater economic advantages and rewards must be offered to learn and use Gaeilge, not fewer, just as the English have enticed speakers to the English language by promising them wealth fame, and power. There is always linguistic competition, everyday, everywhere. Computers in Ireland and, wherever else desired, should be programmed in computer languages based upon the Irish, Welsh and Breton languages, not English, which currently subverts Irish and other country’s sovereignties. The linguistic battle now is economically unequal and so, cannot be fought mano-a-mano. A Napoleon is a conqueror for killing hundreds of thousands, a person who kills one or two, a vile murderer. A large army is respected and feared, the small necessarily guerrilla army, derided and scorned. While all war is awful and unfortunate, it is the big army that calls itself ‘legitimate’, protected by ‘law’, ‘lawful’, the small one, labeled as outlawed ‘terrorists’. Semantics. The smaller army does not necessarily have a lesser cause, especially in fighting for linguistic freedom of speech, the spearhead of culture and sovereignty. Ní Tír gan Teanga. (I intentionally won’t translate this for you, as it might shock you into recognizing there is a language you have overlooked where you are living! This will ‘shock and awe’ you.) English has long decided to coerce other peoples into its language, either by force, attempted humiliation, economic piracy, or wars of intervention, all the dirty tricks we can imagine which make for the dirty world we live in. The unjustified and unjustifiable intervention in Iraq is just another example of a bigoted monoglot, mono-religious group (WASPs, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) assuming they are entitled to run the world alone. Extreme Western consumerist democracy is not a model for the Middle East. The Earth cannot sustain any more U.S.A.s. The anglo-U.S. alliance will be rightly challenged by China which feels it has an ancient unappreciated culture, and by many others as these other countries obtain technological advancement and self-respect. The end of the Cold War does not signify the triumph of exploitive unfettered capitalism, for the anglo-U.S. alliance and its puppet speakers such as yourself. Small c capitalist initiative with respect for human dignity has long languished in the shadow of brutal extremist Star Wars-mentality powers, Communism, and other totalitarian autocracies around the globe. Brute force is a sickness. Imposing our will on others and denying them their languages and historical influence is part of that sickness. Érin has experienced 800 years of England’s linguistic, social and economic terrorism. Will you continue to promote it?

What you really mean by ‘Freedom’ is the freedom to impose your values and language on other cultures, because of your own personal insecurities. The drive to be Number One is always based on dreams of superiority. There is no one superior language in the world. Nuclear technology is the birthright of all humanity, not just the few ambitious greedy ones who got there first. Expect a shift in global power as more cultures awaken to their birthright. A unipolar anglo-U.S.-led world is only another brutal dictatorial Rome. A unified and stronger Europe will eventually counterbalance the U.S.-Anglo alliance.

Supposing this will be grist for your mill,

Is mise le meas,

Tuan Breathnach, an Irish citizen

24 June, 2005 20:52  
Arsa Blogger Conn ...

Tuan, a chara,

I appreciate you're upset by the narrowmindedness of the "Freedom Institute" bloggers, but I think you need to think some more about the arguments you have used.

Personal attacks on individuals do nothing to advance your argument. Questioning their racial or ancestral background is totally unacceptable, and it is totally irrelevant. As I have pointed out before, there is no such thing as "Irish blood". Even if there was, what purpose does it serve to throw these kind of labels around? The Irish language is as much the heritage of the descendants of the Normans who adopted it when they came here - as it is that of the Irish children of African descent who learn it today. As for Scandinavians, many of the scholars who helped to inspire the 19th Century revival of academic interest in Irish come from Nordic countries. They saw Irish as part of Europe's cultural heritage. How appropriate then that the online petition for EU status was organised by Panu Hoglund from Finland?

Secondly, it does not add any credibility to your argument to attack the merits or supposed "pedigree" of the English language. I'm just as proud of my English language heritage as my Irish one. Ireland is the richer for having two languages. Our unique experience as a nation is most completely expressed in the literature of both languages. An approach which seeks to dismiss or ignore the significance of either language in Irish culture is, in my opinion, gravely in error.

If our Irish language defines us equally with our English language - unfortunately the two languages are not equal in health. English doesn't need state support. Irish does - and it is well worth it.


25 June, 2005 10:40  

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