Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bua na Podchraoltóireachta - dar le Dave

Ag cur leis an bpoinnte a bhíos ag iarraidh a léiriú le cabhair Dave Winer i mo phodchraoladh deireannach, seo tuairim le Dave é féin:
Podcasting is great because I can do it, without any expensive hard to use equipment or software, or expensive licenses. I have done webcasts, we had the necessary software and licenses when I worked at Berkman Center. Even so we could only serve a few people at a time. But I can podcast without anyone's permission, and thousands of people can tune in at very low cost. I just record an MP3, link it into a RSS feed, and upload both to a server. Done in minutes, and I didn't need any help.
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